Avalable Traditional Beer Brands


The iJuba umbrella are an institution in South Africa. When the market at large refers to a brand name as a generic product, it is safe to assume that one has reached a pinnacle of dominance in the product category. As the brand Colgate is to the toothpaste category in South Africa, so has iJuba become the accepted name when a person refers to traditional beer. This beer is made according to the taste preferences and traditions of the Zulu people


Chibuku is known as 'The Beer of Africa' and it truly is an African Brand. It is found throughout Africa and marketed as Chibuku Shake Shake in many countries in Africa by other companies. In South Africa however this brand is owned and marketed by UNB. It is the currently, the biggest contributing brand in the company.

Leopard Special

Leopard Special is the second largest brand and is growing. Its unique recipe appeals to the tastes of many in South Africa. Leopard Special is the biggest contributor in Phelindaba Brewery that has championed and exported this brand and recipe to other breweries in our fold. Leopard Beer has a strong following by consumers who have an emotional attachment to the brand and profess that Leopard Special is indeed 'The Beer with Punch!'