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MM Liquor Wholesale is an established Beer, Cider, Wine and Spirits distributor within South Africa. Our company works with trusted producers worldwide, supplying our markets with a wide range of liquor products. Based on volumes, an important activity apart from off-trade distribution is selling directly to restaurants.

MM Liquor Wholesale sells to Bootle Stores, Taverns, Restaurants and Bars throughout South Africa.

MM Liquor Wholesale is an established importer in South Africa, with a portfolio of over 60 brands listed throughout the South African market. Our mission is to continue our growth and provide our clients with a diverse range of excellent quality products and service. In partnership with our suppliers, we want to expand our importation services and become a leading player in the liquor markets.

Beer Craftmanship

Beer is more than just water, hops, malt and yeast. In the beer making process various ingredients are mixed, processed and sometimes the structure of the raw materials is altered. The brewing process is made up of multiple production steps from the fresh barley to the finished beer.
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